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Managing a grinding plant is far from simple: unsteady performance, low productivity and high energy consumption are frequently occurring problems.

For more than 50 years Industrie Bitossi has been providing alumina grinding media, technical assistance and know-how to its customers located in over 60 countries around the world.

Through the development of innovative grinding charges, aimed to fully optimize the out put and the overall performance of milling department, Industrie Bitossi has always been a step ahead of others, playing a leading role in the milling process of ceramic body, glazes and materials.

1960: First in Europe to introduce alumina linings and grinding media at high density (Alubit 90) to replace silica stones in the glaze grinding with an increase of productivity up to 100%

1970: First to introduce alumina grinding media at high density (Alubit 90) for single firing body grinding to replace silica stones

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Do you know the importance of checking periodically the wear of lining plugs?

Keeping the plug edge at the same level of the internal lining helps extending the lifetime of your lining.


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