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Over the past 40 years Industrie Bitossi has distinguished itself on the market for the high quality of its micronized zirconium silicate Zircobit
® MO and Zircobit® MO/S: the best Australian sands processed using state of the art machinery and technology.

Zircobit® MO – micronized zirconium silicate commonly used in glaze production, characterized by high level of whiteness and excellent covering power. Because of its quality and thanks to the world-wide presence of Industrie Bitossi, Zircobit® MO is nowadays one of the most popular ceramic opacifiers, considered as a standard in the ceramic industry.

Zircobit MO/E – Micronized zirconium silicate for customers located in nations where the specific activity of zirconium products is a major concern.

Whitebit / Zircobit S – Two new lines of micronized zirconium silicate characterized by an interesting price/performance ratio, intended to meet the expectations of a continuously changing market

® MO/S – Extra fine zirconium silicate specifically conceived to enhance whiteness and brilliance of sanitary-ware glaze applications

® L – 10 micron zirconium silicate commonly used as gress porcellanato ceramic body whitener

® FU / Zircobit® FB - zircon flours used in various industrial sectors, such as FRITS PRODUCTION (CERAMIC INDUSTRY); REFRACTORIERS, FOUNDRY COATINGS, BRAKE LINING SYSTEMS.

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