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Industrie Bitossi
partecipated to the
FORN&CER Conference on the ceramics industry
from 14/06/2011 to 17/06/2012 in Santa Gertrudes - Sao Paulo - Brazil

The presentation was given by Mrs. Giusy Baio Area Manager for Brazil.
"The use of Alubit Leonardo grinding charges in the discontinuous wet grinding process".

Industrie Bitossi, world leader in the manufacturing of high-density alumina grinding media (Alubit Leonardo), provides its customers with technical assistance in order to maximize production and reduce industrial costs. The company cooperates with its customers by analysing the parameters of the grinding process and thus verifying their correctness. The final result, in fact, depends on the right combination of different variables involved in the process. With this purpose, Industrie Bitossi asks its customers to fill in a technical questionnaire which contains all parameters. The presentation will cover the following topics:

- Characteristics of  grinding charge and mill; Type of raw materials; Characteristics of slurry; Final residue.

The study of the combination of such data allows
Industrie Bitossi to develop a new grinding charge, specifically designed to obtain the maximum result for every single application. A correct composition of different sizes of balls, meant to reduce grinding times to the minimum, assures energy conservation and an increase in the amount of dry material produced on a daily basis. Such result allows for full exploitation of the installed mills, with no need for any further machinery investment.
The advantages of Industrie Bitossi technical assistance combines with the high quality of the product, which grants great results in terms of wear resistance. The ideal composition of the grinding charge is based upon the study of the following grinding parameters:

-   Mill working volume and power of the engine;
-   Initial size, hardness and chemical and physical characteristics of raw material;
-   Level of balls and body;
-   Points of contact within the grinding charge;
-   Total grinding surface;
-   Average weight and diameter of balls;
-   Refining power of charge;
-   Total grinding power of charge (in Joules).

Industrie Bitossi bases its business on quality and technology, a winning combination which makes the company a world leader within its field.

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